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International Travel During Covid

International Travel During Covid

Covid-19 has had a profound effect on all of our lives. The hospitality and travel industries may have been among the hardest hit industries with many hotels still operating at approximately 20 percent occupancy, depending and the location. The travel landscape has changed in a huge way, leaving those of us still traveling during these uncertain times feeling a constant scramble as regulations and processes are constantly changing.

Four Days In the Peruvian Amazon

Four Days in the Peruvian Amazon

You are probably familiar with the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world. It covers forty percent of the South American continent, within nine countries. It is home to the most diversity of plants, animals and people groups. I had the opportunity to experience a four-day excursion through the heart of the rainforest during a visit to Peru.

Guatemala Is Underrated

Guatemala is Underrated

For such a small country, Guatemala offers so much. The country offers great weather, friendly people, delicious local food, rich culture and a plethora of history, Guatemala should definitely be on your list. Guatemala even provided the world with chocolate!

Exploring Beautiful Indonesia

Exploring Beautiful Indonesia

Indonesia is a destination like no other. Deciding what to see and do can be overwhelming with so much available. This guide discusses everything I was able to pack into a weeklong visit.

You Should Visit Chiang Mai

You Should Visit Chiang Mai

Are you looking for a city to visit which offers rich culture, delicious food and unforgettable experiences? You should add Chiang Mai, Thailand to your bucket list. Read the latest Guide for more of what you can expect.

Best Beaches In Yucatan

Best Beaches in Yucatan

What do you look for in a beach? Do you prefer a sleepy beach town, or a port city with bars and restaurants overlooking the sea? Read this guide to learn which Yucatan Beach is best for you.

Explore Mayan Ruins

Explore Mayan Ruins

Have you ever wanted to see how the ancient Mayan empire lived? The state of Yucatan is home to several of this former cities and are available for you to explore. But which site should you visit?

What to Do In Yucatan

What to do in Yucatan

Do you enjoy warm, sunny beaches? Or exploring cities from the ancient Mayan empire? You can do both, and so much more in Yucatan, Mexico! In this travel guide, we explore all the can’t miss activities in this beautiful state.